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Associated partners

The associated partners are expert organisations in the field of inclusive and special needs education in compulsory education sector or in vocational education and training. 

The Association of Vocational Special Educational Needs Teachers
has a role to develop the field of special education, act as an advocate and as an advisory expert for its members. The association of Vocational Special Educational Needs Teachers is a sub-organisation of the Finnish Vocational Teachers' Union through which it also belongs to the Trade Union of Education in Finland.

FAIDD is a national organisation with 70-80 experts. It promotes equality and participation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and others who need support with learning, understanding and communicating. It also develops services and does research in the field. The main objectives are research, development, personnel training, production of materials, promoting plain-language information and culture, furthering accessible and participatory communication and use of information technology, providing and exchanging information and exercising social influence.

Liga lidskych prav is a non-governmental organisation based in the Czech Republic, which works towards the protection of human rights. Since 2006 it actively promotes inclusive education in Czech schools. It awards schools which have successfully implemented inclusive philosophy and practice with the certificate “Fair School”.

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre (HADC) is the UK's oldest institution for identifying and assessing dyslexia at all ages, and teaching the next generation of dyslexia experts. HADC screens and assesses over 1,000 dyslexics of all ages every year. It also provides best practice training courses for the next generation of specialist dyslexia teachers. HADC's main task is to support dyslexics of all ages whilst raising awareness of the positive values of dyslexia through education in its broadest form. HADC provides assessments for dyslexics, a range of approved training courses for teachers and classroom assistants, and a bookshop of specialist dyslexia publications and teaching resources.