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Maija Hirvonen

Present position
Principal lecturer in Special Needs Education, in charge of the planning, implementing and developing Vocational Special Needs Education.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences/ Teacher Education College
Piippukatu 2
FI-40100 Jyväskylä
Mobile +358 400 505137

PhD University of Jyväskylä 2006 
Doctor in Education (Special Needs Education as main discipline)

  • JAMK 11 years
1) Managing vocational special needs  teacher education since the year 2000  (a further education programme for qualified vocational teachers who through this programme will become certified to work with students with special educational needs; involving teachers from all vocational fields and from all over the country)
2) Teaching Special Needs education 
3) Planning and implementing in-service training for vocational teachers all over the country
4) Managing various developmental projects in the area of inclusive education in vocational education and training
5) Planning and implementing international cooperation.
  • Vocational teacher  10 years in Jyväskylä Vocational Institute
  • Vocational SEN teacher in Bovallius Vocational Institute 2 years
  • SEN-teacher in basic education, 3 years.

Membership in professional bodies
  • Member of the National Organization for Vocational Special Needs Teachers,
  • Consultative member in Niilo Mäki Institute Research center. 
Recent publications

Hirvonen, Maija (2011). Towards Inclusion? Vocational Special Needs Education from a historical perspective. In Stolz, S.  & Gonon, P.  (eds.) (2012): Challenges and Reforms in Vocational Education - Aspects of Inclusion and Exclusion. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 165-178.

Hirvonen, Maija (2011) From vocational training to open learning environments: vocational special needs education during change. Journal of Research of Special Needs Education, 11, 2, pp. 141-148.  

Hirvonen, Maija (2010) Ammatillisten erityisopettajien työn sisältö, muutos ja haasteet. (The work of vocational special needs teachers: its content, change and challenges, only in Finnish). In Kaikkonen, L. (2010) (ed.) Ammatilliset erityisopettajat oman työnsä asiantuntijoina (The expertise of vocational SEN teachers). JAMK University of Applied Sciences publications 109.