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Hasso Kukemelk

Present position

Ass. Prof. of Educational Management, University of Tartu, Estonia

Hasso Kukemelk
Mobile: +3725105058


Candidate of Educational Sciences (Ph.D.)
Doctoral studies in education, dissertation about students understanding of learning material.

Previous employment

Hasso Kukemelk has over 20 years career in University of Tartu. Prior to his current position he worked in various positions in University of Tartu such as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education, Ass. Prof of Educational Management, Head of Department of General Education, Project manager of Estonian - Finnish Teacher Education project and Senior Lecturer.

Membership in professional bodies

Member of commission developing teacher profession obtaining principles, Member of commission developing teachers' professional standard in Estonia and some other bodies developing regulations or principles in educational sphere in Estonia.

Active trainer for school heads through in-service training courses, supervisor of several doctoral and master theses in school leadership.

Publications and projects

He has currently more than 80 research based publications (mostly in English). Autumn 201, a report of major study of Estonian school system in quality management implementation was sent to the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.
  • NordPlus project in comparative school management and efficiency together with Vilnius Pedagogical University (Lithuania) and Daugavpils city government (Latvia) was successfully finished in 2010. 
  • JoMiTE project (Coordinated by Groningen University (The Netherlands)) to develop common Europrogram in teacher education (exact sciences and languages).
  • Currently participating in TILE, ENOPSoL, INNOTE European projects.
  • He was involved in commissions developed teacher education framework (included kindergarten teachers), teacher qualification levels (included kindergarten), teacher education national developmental plan (included kindergarten teacher), etc. in Estonia.

Minna Koskinen,
Mar 12, 2012, 6:29 AM