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Inga Mutso

Present position

Lecturer of Special Needs Education (PhD), University of Tartu,

Inga Mutso
Mobile: +372 53737598


Doctor philosophiae, Educational Sciences (PhD), Tallinn University

Previous employment

Inga Mutso has 30 years career in Special Pedagogy. She has worked in University of Tartu and Tallinn University as Lecturer and Doctor of Special Needs Education, Lecturer of Social Work, Lecturer of Special Pedagogy. She has also worked as a Manager of Kanepi Day Care Centre and as a Chief Teacher in Tartu Kroonuaia Kool as well as a teacher-educationalist in a vocational school for 15 years.

Participation in professional unions

  • Academic Educational Agency, Estonian member, 2008
  • Member of International Reading Association, 2008
  • Member of Society of Estonian Career Counselors, 2005
  • Member of Estonian Reading Association, 1999
  • Member of the Club of the teachers of Adults, 1999
  • Member of Estonian Logopedists' Union 1996

Recent publications

Mutso, Inga. 2011. Voluntary Work in Estonia with disabled persons. Klaipeda: LCC International University Press, 2011, 24-28 (peer-reviewed).

Mutso, Inga & Tröner, Ivar. 2010. How text comprehension influences the success rate for solving mathematical word problems among students with special needs in Estonian school. FinRA journal Kielikukko. (peer-reviewed).

Mutso, Inga. 2007. Possibilities of Future Studies for Students of Special Education Schools in Vocational Schools in Estonia. Tallinn University, Dissertation on Social Sciences (24). Tallinn: Publisher of Tallinn University.

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