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Section 1: Management and administration

The aim of the management and administration WP is to guarantee smooth and high quality implementation of the project activities and the achievement of expected project results and their dissemination to relevant stakeholder groups. As a significant part of the project implementation, this WP will also ensure smooth communication and information sharing activities amongst the consortium members, as well as between the project management group members.

The Project Manager can also seek advice on project content related matters from the extended steering group members: Dr Hazel Lawson, Senior Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education at the University of Exeter & Research Section Editor British Journal of Special Education; Ms Ene-Mall Vernik-Tuubel, Chief Expert of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research; and Ms Kaie Piiskop, Head of Vocational Education Department of the Estonian National Examination and Qualification Centre; as well as from the representatives of the associated partners (The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, the Finnish Association for Vocational Special Needs Teachers, the Czech Human Rights League and Helen Arkell Dyslexia Center). In addition, Ms Anne Mårtensson, Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education, will act as an Advisor to the project and support the work of the extended steering group.

In the management and administration WP, the leader continuously (monthly) monitors the project activities, achievement of outputs as well as budget expenditure with help of monitoring tools designed for financial and other activity level project monitoring.

The WP leader also takes care of the daily management of the project:

• carry out contractual and financial management responsibilities

• compose and coordinate the project management group

• communicate with the project extended steering group, coordinate and link together project activities

• support the leaders of other WPs and ensure the internal information flow between the project partners

• deliver project reports

Organize project launch seminar in early November 2011 where relevant national stakeholders will be informed of the planned project activities, and the results of the baseline study.

Group photo in Jyväskylä. Click to enlarge.