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Section 2: Quality assurance

The aim of this work package is to guarantee a high quality product transfer in terms of the project’s contents. It is expected that the main outcome of the project, the Roadmap, will be of high quality resulting from the support of the activities under this WP. The quality assurance of the project management and work process as such is taken care of in WP1.

Within the quality assurance WP, a baseline study has been conducted in October 2011. In the process, the universities were responsible for the short policy overview per participating country. Tartu Vocational Education Centre will look at the policy, culture and practices through a simple questionnaire at the participating VET colleges level. An initial needs analysis has already been conducted in 2010 by the project consortium’s university partners. The baseline study report has been finalized and published (see below) after the project launch seminar in early November 2011.

The WP leader (University of Tartu) with a small contribution from JAMK has been responsible for the mid-term self-assessment of the project in relation to the transfer process of the tool and the produced lists of indicators in October/November 2012. Likewise, in March/April 2013, a final quality check of the indicators will take place after the pilots in Estonia and each partner country are completed. The WP leader is also responsible for this, and will receive support from JAMK. The extended steering group members will give comments on the final indicator lists as well.

WP2 will also include an external (sub-contracted) project evaluation in April/May 2013 that concentrates not on the project management but on the contents of the final version of the Roadmap.

Working days are allocated as follows: University of Tartu 15; JAMK 8; Universities of Northampton and Masaryk 2; Tartu Vocational Education Centre 6; VET colleges in Finland, UK and the Czech Republic 1.
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