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Section 3: Development of Policy dimension

The aim of this work package is to develop the policy dimension indicators from the original Index for Inclusion to be used in the VET sector when developing inclusive learning environments. The indicators, with an introduction to the theme, will be included in the project’s main outcome, the tool “A Roadmap to inclusion of students with special educational needs for professionals in VET learning environments”.

The development work has been coordinated by JAMK but the indicators has been prepared in close cooperation with Kokkola Vocational Institute. During the development process of the indicators, the draft has been piloted in all four partner countries, and translated to all four national languages of the project partners.

In the development of policy dimension WP, the work started with drafting the first, preliminary set of indicators for the policy dimension of the tool. This work was coordinated by JAMK with support from KVI, the Finnish VET college in the project. The workshop of the WP has been organized in Jyväskylä in November 2011, and it contained an introduction to the theme, a workshop where good practices related to the theme and working life aspects were mapped, and further development of the indicators.

After the workshop, the indicator list of the policy dimension has been translated into the appropriate national languages and piloted in VET colleges. Results have been reported back to the WP leader (i.e. JAMK), and JAMK together with KVI has revised the English version of the indicator list, according to the comments received.

In addition, JAMK will write an introduction to the indicators of the dimension for the Roadmap. The WP report contains a self-assessment section on the development work done.

Report of the Work package 3